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好久没有更新资料了。工作似乎太忙,总是给自己找着各种理由忽略这里。   上星期第一次见到了陈永。My God,给我的第一印象Talktive;第二印象Experiences in Database;第三印象Programming Newbie (Or Soup).   很难想象一个博士毕业的人,连一些基本的专业知识都没有,在外面接着没有技术含量工作,用一些Regular Expression做着侵犯Patent Right 的工作,破坏中国人的形象。   难怪老外找中国人做这活。。。。无语中。。。 Advertisements

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The job market is cooling down recently., company started to tighten their budget for the coming year. Though thousands of jobs out in the market, not too many are interesting. Since i just came back from Cork last week, i … Continue reading

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