SQL Server 2012 certification is coming

Organizations around the world are facing a data explosion. According to Gartner, information volume is growing worldwide at a minimum rate of 59% annually, with 15% of that data as structured data and the rest comprised of new complex data types1. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 gives organizations the foundation to the cloud-ready information platform, helping organizations unlock breakthrough insights, quickly build solutions, and extend their data from the server to the cloud with advanced capabilities for mission critical confidence.

But while data is predicted to grow 44 times over the next decade, the number of IT Professionals is only growing at 1.4 times. Employers will be looking for IT professionals with the SQL skills to handle the demands of their organization’s data. How will they know where to look?

Microsoft Certifications let IT Professionals prove that they the skills needed for these new challenges. Our certifications require a rigorous depth of knowledge. And we ensure that rigor by: Designing certifications that test the skills that employers and hiring managers acknowledge as most essential to their employees’ success on the job.

Developing exams that focus on the real world use of Microsoft technologies in organizations. Delivering our exams using appropriate security measures, so employers and candidates know that each certification earned carries solid value in the marketplace. Defending our certifications by keeping our design, development and delivery processes secure. This all means that when you earn a Microsoft certification, your employers and peers know that you have up-to-date technological knowledge, and can bring more insightful problem solving skills to the workplace. In a survey of 700 IT professionals, 60% said certification led to a new job. And in a 2011 research report by CompTIA, 64 percent of IT hiring managers said that certifications had an extremely high or high value in validating the skills and expertise of job candidates. The data explosion is placing new demands on organizations and IT departments. Microsoft Certifications prove that you have the depth of skills to help them handle it. Start proving your skills now with the SQL 2012 certification.

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