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Real world application on Service Oriented Programming Model

Windows Live service is an excellent example for SOP. Windows Live writer is an offline tool which provides a simple interface for publishing blogs. During publish process, data are encrypted in binary format and being sent to the windows live … Continue reading

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Re: ShenHao’s comments about ChenYong as a programming maniac

feel there are necessary to debate with hao’s comments on the ‘ Programing maniac’ cheng yong published in my early  blog entry. as a so called programing maniac,should he posses some kind of uptodate skills. Serialization is the most common … Continue reading

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Happy Mid-Autumn Day

先来张照片。 老婆昨天花了一下午,为我准备了苏式月饼。遵照Ramond同志的Instruction完成了这项巨大的工程。 再来一张照片顶一顶。

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This is a Test Entry for My blog using Windows Live Writer

This is a test entry.

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好久没有更新资料了。工作似乎太忙,总是给自己找着各种理由忽略这里。   上星期第一次见到了陈永。My God,给我的第一印象Talktive;第二印象Experiences in Database;第三印象Programming Newbie (Or Soup).   很难想象一个博士毕业的人,连一些基本的专业知识都没有,在外面接着没有技术含量工作,用一些Regular Expression做着侵犯Patent Right 的工作,破坏中国人的形象。   难怪老外找中国人做这活。。。。无语中。。。

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