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Windows 8 simple presentation

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Microsoft First Surface Ad

Microsoft First Surface Ad

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MCT portal launch

MCT portal launch

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Cloud Rapper

World’s fastest rapper about Windows Azure

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Free SharePoint training materials for a limited time

Recently received a email from pluralsight about free Sharepoint training videos for a limited time. Thought it might be nice to share it here.


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MCSD Update

Microsoft Announces New Developer Certification

Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) is a rebuilt certification for the modern application marketplace

As part of the reinvented Microsoft Certification Program, Microsoft  today announces the new Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) credential for developers.  Microsoft has rebooted the MCSD certification for the new world of cloud and the application marketplace. This early-to-market certification addresses new skills for a broader audience, including next generation developers who thrive on bleeding edge technology.

Built for Visual Studio 2012

Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) helps you develop expertise with Visual Studio 2012 to build the apps consumers demand today—and tomorrow

With approximately 100 million people writing code today in a multi-billion dollar application marketplace, you need to stay at the forefront of technology to deliver fast, light, stunning applications that deliver high value and are accessible on any device.

Visual Studio 2012 provides the best tools and experience for you to develop apps that target platforms across devices and services. And Microsoft developer certification helps you extend your Visual Studio and developer skills beyond traditional platform boundaries. The Microsoft Certified Developer certification (MSCD) helps you get the essential skills you need to develop fast and fluid applications and web applications that run across the growing range of platforms your customers use every day.

Rebuilt, Not Just Renamed

Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) emphasizes solutions

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) certification is Microsoft’s new flagship set of certifications for Developers. These certifications validate the new skill sets needed to develop, deploy, and maintain Microsoft technology solutions, and recognize Developers and IT Pros who have skill sets that run both broad and deep.

With updated rigor and relevance built into the certifications to emphasize real world skills, Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer is thedestination for established Developers who have expertise developing solutions with Microsoft tools.

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Microsoft Certification Reinvented

Microsoft has reinvented its certification program to support the industry shift to cloud-computing by building cloud related and solution based skills validation into its highly recognized and respected certification program. To support the growing number of job openings in the cloud computing industry and need for qualified workers, Microsoft is introducing new cloud-related certifications that focus on using multiple technologies to create business solutions. As a result, building cloud experts who can lead companies into the cloud.
Microsoft is introducing new certifications that reflect the skills required to build and manage technology solutions – on-premise or in the cloud:
Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert Microsoft Certified Solutions Master
In the past 20 years, Microsoft Certifications have been THE tool to address the skills gap. To be relevant, certifications need to continue to be the tool needed and recognized in the market.

That’s why Microsoft has reinvented its certification program—to certify a deeper set of skills that are mapped to the Cloud and to real-world business contexts. Rather than testing only on a component of a technology, IT Professionals and Developers are now tested on more advanced skills and a deeper understanding of the technology

Stand out from your peers, and help employers recognize that you have the right skills as the industry shifts to the cloud. To keep pace with ever-changing technology, Microsoft Certifications now require that you recertify every 2-3 years.

New Certifications Are Available Now

Private Cloud and SQL lead the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) reinvention

In the reinvented program, the first new certifications: Private Cloud MCSE, Database MCSE & Business Intelligence MCSE:

Microsoft Certification overview page: http://aka.ms/MSCerts

Microsoft Certification overview video: http://aka.ms/MSCertsVideo

MCSE information page: http://aka.ms/MCSE

MCSE video on YouTube: http://aka.ms/MCSEvideo

MCSE Private Cloud: http://aka.ms/MCSEpvcloud

MCSE Data Platform: http://aka.ms/MCSEDP

MCSE Business Intelligence: http://aka.ms/MCSEBI

You may also wish to encourage your readers to take advantage of a new 2-for-1 exam offer from Prometric:

Prometric 2-for-1 offer: http://aka.ms/Prometric241


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